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Q: Who is this course aimed at?
A: We have two different courses at the moment.  The GCSE Computing MOOC was aimed at supporting students sitting OCR's GCSE in Computing J275 (last exam June 2017)  The Computer Science Getting Started MOOC is an introduction to OCR's Computer Science (9-1) J276. As a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), it is open to anyone and can be used either as a stand-alone course for learners (whatever age) or as a teaching and learning resource for teachers.

Q: What is the difference between Computing and Computer Science‚Äč?
A: GCSE Computing was a course with its final examination in June 2017.  GCSE Computer Science has now replaced Computing. First teaching of Computer Science was in September 2016.  You can find out more about it here.
Q: If I complete the course, will I get a GCSE qualification at the end?
A: No.  Completing a course on the site will not contribute towards a GCSE.  The content on the site is intended to help with studying and teaching the GCSE courses.
Q: What do I need to get started on the MOOC?
A: You will need an email address and access to one of the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.
Q: Is there a cost?
A: No, the material is free.
Q: When is the course available?
A: The courses don't have a start or end date, so you can complete them when you like.

Q: What do I do if I’ve forgotten my log-in?
A: Click the Forgotten your password link below the login fields. You will need to put the email address in that you used to register. If your record exists on the system, your password will be sent to that email address.
As your password will be emailed, it cannot be considered secure, so please DO NOT USE a password you use for secure data anywhere else.
Q: What if I want to enter for OCR’s GCSE in Computer Science on my own?
A: As an awarding body, OCR is set up to deal with centres (schools, colleges and similar institutions), but we are aware that a number of candidates wish to operate as private candidates. You will need to contact your local school or education provider and discuss this with them; we also suggest you contact your local authority for further advice on finding centres. Their Guidance for Private Candidates can be located here
Q: Our institution blocks access to YouTube as a general rule, how can we view the course videos?
A: We are set up as an educational supplier on YouTube, which means your IT department can whitelist YouTube access that only allows access to content from registered and accredited educational content repositories.
Details on school registrations are here.

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