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Ask the Teacher - 2nd June 2014

Q: Can you give some examples for the following

1. Type Check
2. Range Check
3. Limit Check

4. Length Check
5. Character Check
6. Format Check
7. Presence Check
8. Consistency Check
9. Check Digit.

A: Here are some examples:
1. Type Check – Checking that a shoe size field is an integer rather than a string
2. Range Check – Checking a price for the £1 shop is <=1 or checking an age is between 1 and 100
3. Limit Check – Similar to a range check but for only one limit e.g. a shoe size being >0
4. Length Check – Checking a UK telephone number is 11 characters long
5. Character Check – Checks if a telephone number field contains letters and not anything else
6. Format Check – checking a date is in 11/22/33 and not 11223333
7. Presence Check – Checks that something is present, for example on web forms an email address is usually required
8. Consistency Check – Checking all dates within a database are the same format
9. Check Digit – This is used in ISBN numbers and Barcodes where the last digit is used in a calculation to check the number is correct
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