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Ask the Teacher - 17th March 2014

Q: Can Scratch be used as a Programming language for the A453 Programming Project?

A: Yes, I have seen it, I would not say it is widely used to complete A453 but it is used by some centres.
A little bit more information from the specification:
“Candidates will need to create suitable algorithms which will provide a solution to the stated problem then code their solutions in a suitable programming language. There are no restrictions on the programming language chosen providing it has the features indicated within the specification. It is anticipated that the work for this unit will follow on from the programming elements in unit A451 and that the same programming language may, therefore, be appropriate. The tasks are set so that they can be completed in a wide range of languages including those frequently used to ‘teach’ programming techniques including all forms of BASIC and C.”
Q: Can you use more than one programming language for the A453 Programming Project i.e. Python for task 1, JAVA for task 2
A: Yes, although some tasks link together and it would be simpler to reuse the code you have already produced. For example, if you were completing the dice game project then you could easily use the code you have produced in task 1 in tasks 2 and 3. Making the code again in a different programming language in this instance is not the best use of your time. There are other projects where this is less of an issue.

Q: Can you have a 4-D printer?
A: This is more of a concept, there are some great TED talks that might be of interest to you:
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