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Ask the Teacher - 11th November 2013

Question: Is there any objection to using two languages (e.g. Visual Basic and Python) when teaching/learning the GCSE or do you have to pick and use just one?
Answer:  No problem at all - using two languages is fine and both or either of the two you’ve identified would be suitable.
Question: One of the mock papers we did had a question from a past paper which asked for an algorithm to be created. We had heard that flow charts would be accepted as an answer for these types of question however there is no mention of flow charts in the published marks scheme - If the learners put a flow chart as their answer when asked to write an algorithm will they get the marks?
Answer: Yes, in algorithm questions on question papers, any algorithm that fulfils the mark points in the mark scheme is awarded the marks, whether it's pseudo code, actual code or flow chart. The question does not specify which so the learner can always choose.
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